Coconut Semi Husked

Coconut semi-husked is a product derived from coconuts, typically used in various culinary and industrial applications. It consists of coconuts that have been partially dehusked, leaving some of the husk intact while exposing the inner shell and coconut meat. This semi-husked form offers a balance between the protection provided by the husk and accessibility to the coconut meat inside.

The product is popular in both domestic and international markets due to its versatility and nutritional benefits. Coconut semi-husked can be used to extract coconut water, which is a refreshing beverage packed with electrolytes and nutrients. Additionally, the coconut meat can be grated, shredded, or processed into various forms for use in cooking, baking, and confectionery.

The semi-husked nature of the product makes it easier to handle and transport compared to fully husked coconuts, while still retaining the natural protection and freshness of the coconut. It is commonly used in the food industry for the production of coconut milk, coconut oil, desserts, snacks, and savory dishes.

Overall, coconut semi-husked offers a convenient and versatile option for consumers and businesses seeking the natural goodness and flavor of coconuts in their products and recipes.


Coconut Semi Husked Specification :

Color : Brown, Golden Brown

Size : 800 – 1200 Gram / PC

Packing 25 -30 Coconut/Bag

self life : 60 -80 Days ( Storage at 2-5 oC)


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